The Search is on. Let’s Shop.



Most homes owned by lenders or banks have been sitting vacant for months and may have been vandalized which could require extensive renovation or repair. Weigh the costs of fixing up the property against the savings you’ll likely reap by buying a lower priced foreclosed home.


No matter how much you’ve fallen in love with a house, don’t let the seller’s agent in on it, however, you DO want to let US know. If we don’t know your true feelings, we won’t know the best way to negotiate on your behalf.

House Hunters 101

  1. DIGITAL SEARCH - We strive to train our clients to efficiently and effectively search online by evaluating listings, not just looking at pictures. We’ll walk through how to evaluate the location, look at key valuation features, and THEN how to study photos. This is with the goal to focus our energy and intention as we move forward through the physical search for “the one”.
  2. BOTG (BOOTS ON THE GROUND)- We believe that getting our feet on the ground and IN TO properties is one of the best ways to educate and prepare for the search. We advise doing this search fairly quickly after meeting so that we can make any adjustments to the goals, timelines, budgets, etc before going further. Upon setting up the digital search, we’ll choose 4-6 homes to tour.
  3. ADS IN PRESS, INTERNET OR MAGAZINES - If you see an advertisement for a home that looks interseting, call the agent and ask for the price and address. Tell the agent that TEAM LUCHT with RE/MAX Precision is helping you find a home. If the home is in your price range, obtain the address. You can contact us for detailed information.
  4. FOR SALE SIGNS - If you see a For Sale sign by another company on a home you want to know the price, call the number on the sign. Tell the person that answers the phone that you are working with TEAM LUCHT with RE/MAX Precision, and would like to know the price of the house. If the home is in your price range, and this is a property you are interested in, contact us for detailed information.OR, an easier option is that you can send us the address and we can make those calls/find out information for you.
  5. FOR SALE BY OWNERS - If you like what you see (you’ve driven by the home) send us the link, address, phone number (basically any information you have) and we'll request information and schedule your appointment. Same procedure if you have attended their Open House.
  6. OPEN HOUSES - On weekends visit Open Houses held by other Realtors. When you walk in the door, tell them you are working with TEAM LUCHT with RE/MAX Precision. Remember, they are representing the seller and exposing the property to the public to cause the home they are representing to sell. They should be happy to show you through the home.
  7. HOME STUDY - Do your homework! Study the listings we give you. Drive by. Check out neighborhoods. Then call us to make arrangements to show you any homes that you would like to see inside.
  8. CONTACT US FOR APPOINTMENTS - Never call the owner of a listed property directly. We must work through the listing Realtor. Never look at a house with another Realtor without talking to us first (with the exception of Open Houses). Remember, its customary to give the seller at least 24 hours notice for a showing because they need time to prepare he home and be “out of the way”.
  9. WHAT TO SAY - Always tell other agents that you are working with TEAM LUCHT with RE/MAX Precision. You will then be given the information without having to answer lots of questions and they won’t pester you.